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our petty tasks, hardly aware of our listless attitude

Knock shop in Oxford Street 把商店在牛津街 One where the vampires meet 在这个世界上,吸血鬼见面 Silk purse, pink tie and all of that 钱包,粉色的领带和这一切 Platforms, white teeth, a stupid hat 平台,洁白的牙齿,一个愚蠢的帽子 The。


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"We Don't Talk Anymore" (Capo: 3rd. fret) 变调3品 ____Intro: A Amaj9 Amaj9 A Amaj9 A Amaj9 Bm/A (Repeat) ____Verse: 1 A Used to think that life was sweet, F#m C#m used to think we were so complete D Bm A Asus A Asus A I can't b...

We Don't Talk Anymore 钢琴谱

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