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turn on thE wAtEr

原题 turn、on、the、water、don't 连词成句 Don't turn on tehe water . 意思 不要把水打开。

2、You should connect the hose to the tap and then turn on the water. 你应当先把软管连接在水龙头上然后再打开水源。 3、The water shed from the bath...

问:To turn the water to wine 故事什么寓意? 答:这故事的寓意在于: 1、耶稣的来到即是恩典的来到; 2、“六口石缸的酒都已用完”,说明旧的都成为过去,新的已经来临(律法与恩典); 3、先旧后新、先“苦”后甜。

1. Sandy's father could not stand the offensive music, so he asked her to turn it off. Turn off: 关掉;关;关上;拐弯 2. I can't turn...

填 has turned skating 保证对

Tips to save water and electricity 1. Unplug appliances that aren’t in use. 2. Turn of lights when not using them. 3. Switch to compact fluorescent bulbs. 4. Take a shower rather than a bath. 5. Always turn off the water while ...

2, relax the body, let the body floating on the surface of the water,...When close to drowning to turn his hips, make it back to his then haul...

不是祈使句,前面是表示目的,to save energy,是表示为了节省能源的意思。

1、先打开泵夹套的热水装置,预热好了再开启(夹套)循环泵。 2、当夹套水温达到28度时,关闭热水加热装置。 3、当反应釜温度接近27度时,关闭(夹套)循环泵,打开夹套的旁路阀门,并关闭夹套入口和出口阀门。 4、当反应釜温度达到27~28度,同...

turn to 虽然表示“变化”但是翻译需要,并非本质变化 如:把频道A变成频道B Turn Channel A to Channel B turn into 是完全变成另一个东西了 如:Turn water into ice

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