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tom wEnt to thE zoo yEstErDAy 变为一般疑问句怎么变

一般疑问句:Did Tom go to the zoo yesterday? 满意请采纳,谢谢

Tom went to the zoo yesterday. 变为选择疑问句 Did Tom go to the zoo or the park yesterday ?

Tom and I went to the movies yesterday .

Did Tom and Mike go to the beach yesterday?

Tom iwas iil yesterday. (变一般疑问句并补充下面句子 注意:做肯定回答) ----was Tom ill yesterday? ----Yes,he_was_. She had 10 pens.(改一般疑问句并补充下面句子 注意:做否定回答) ----Did she have 10pens? ---- No ,she didn't . My ...

应该说是两个动词原形不能在一起。 很高兴为你解答! 老师祝你学习进步! 请及时采纳哦!多谢你的问题!^_^

what did your father do yesterday?

Was Tom at home yesterday?理由:要改为一般疑问句只要把be动词提前就可以,还有do does did只是在没有be动词的情况下使用的,所以你说的那句话是错的

(1) I fell ill. (2) How do you feel now ? (3) Did you see a doctor? (4) Why do you look worried? (5) I hope you get well soon. (1) 根据下面的对话“Much better. The fever is gone.”可知,Tom生病了。“生脖是be/fall ill;故填I fell ...

1, painters----painter; 2. wanted 后面加个to; 3. stops---stopped; 4. with---in; 5. her---him; 6. an---a; 7. handed和picture中间的the去掉; 8. careful---carefully;

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