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take a page from 把一页 例句: 1. Microsoft would do well to take a page from pebble's playbook. 微软可以从Pebble身上吸取经验。 2. Let's hope some more photographers will take a page from this book. 让我们希望有更多的摄影师会从...

歌名 : Legendary 歌手 : Welshly Arms 歌词 : Take a look around me Taking pages from a magazine Been looking for the answer Ever since we were seventeen You know the truth can be a weapon To fight this world of ill intentions A ...

's 其实是's 有的时候网页显示不好,就经常把's显示为's. “跟谁学”也可用follow me之类的


若我能让此刻永恒,我将翻开崭新人生 一起携手共渡人生,永不离弃日月见证 倘能表达我的心声,我愿大声对世宣称: 上次怪我嘴笨无能,其实早已热血沸腾 爱在心中口难纵横,多想建起爱的同盟!

The Script - "If You Could See Me Now" . Oh, if you could see me now Oh, if you could see me now . It was February 14th, Valentines Day The roses came, but they took you away Tattooed on my arm is a charm to disarm All the harm...

(30)Please take out your books.拿出本子。 (31)Please open your books at page…/Turn to Page… 打开书到…页。(32)Please answer my question(s)....

16. Take out your word card , please . 拿出单词卡片。Reading (阅读)1. Take out your books. 把书拿出来。2. Open your books at page 10. 把书翻...

我想知道当我生命终结的那一刻我的爱人是谁。 失望,居然能采纳那么失败的翻译!!

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