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jApAnEsE milk girl

3. I was born in Japan, but I have _______ Chinese citizenship.A. retainedB. representedC. reportedD. required4. Excuse me, sir. Could you ...

翻译:我在波士顿哪里可以买到日本奶粉?要明治的奶粉,速度。 提问:我也不知道,应在很多日本超市都能买到吧

want to touch milk,japan forc想摸奶,日本式

Could(May)I speak to Tony.? / Is Tony in? 大概是这样吧~~~希望能帮到您~~~望采纳~~~

Is there any milk in the glass? Are there any new houses by the river? Do you like this japanese? Does your mother need any bread?

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