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take me to church带我去教堂And I want a limo to take me to the church. 我确定,而且我要一部豪华礼车载我去教堂。

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My lover's got humor我的爱人似乎风趣She's the giggle at a funeral因为她在他的葬礼上嬉笑Knows everybody's disapproval我知道世人容不下我们I should've worshiped her sooner或许我早该对她俯首朝拜If the Heavens ever did speak若天堂果...

Hozier [人名] 霍齐尔 =========================================== 柳浪闻莺各位芝麻竭诚为您解答 您的采纳是我们坚持百度的动力

用谷歌找到的最大图 只有这个 比你的图稍大一些 要不你再等等其他网友

Boys workin on empty Is that the kinda way to face the burning heat? I just think about my baby I'm so full of love I could barely eat There's nothing sweeter than my baby I never want once from the cherry tree Cause my baby's ...

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hozier---take me to church

Jackie And Wilson - HozierSo tired trying to see frombehind the red in my eyesNo better version of meI could pretend to be tonightSo deep in the...

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