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Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande Written by:Johan Carlsson/Ross Golan Don't need permission Made my decision to test my limits Cause it's my business god as my witness Start what I finished Don't need no hold up Taking control ...


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dangerous woman的中文翻译 dangerous woman 危险的女人 双语例句 1 He does not realise how dangerous a wicked woman can be to a man. 他没有认识到一个坏女人对男人而言是多么危险的事。 2 But the easiest way to spot a dangerous woman ...

第一波主打:Dangerous Woman 第二波主打:Into You 第一波宣传:Be Alright 第二波宣传:Let Me Love You 还有目前公开唱过几次的Greedy。 Moonlight非常推荐,有回归一专Your Truly的感觉 专辑大部分都是流行为主,像Be Alright、Into You和Gr...



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