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没有语境不好确定!翻译方法很多:直译和意译均可! 1.It doesn't matter/count at all.(翻译不要拘泥于字对字) 2.It is quite easy to deal with.(翻译方法:正话反说,反话正说) 3.It is just a piece of cake. 4.It is absolutely/totally...

这不是一个大问题This is not a big problem.

逃避问题不是一个好方法 The problem is not a good way to escape 逃避问题不是一个好方法 The problem is not a good way to escape

This is the answer to this question. This is the key to this question.

1 十四岁的时候,我遇到了一个难题。 When I was fourteen, I had my first big dilemma. 2 我遇到了一个难题:我常常担心考试结果,经常考完试后好几天都在想这个问题。 I had a problem: I always worry about the examination results, often...

The secret of studying English is keep practicing.

回答和翻译如下: 这是一只苹果。 This is an apple. They are apples. 它们是苹果。 This isn't an apple. 这不是一只苹果。 Is this an apple? 这是一只苹果吗?

Sorry,I don't know this problem. Sorry,I'm not so clear about this problem. Sorry,I con't give you answer to this question. Sorry,I'm not knowledgeble to answer. Sorry,I don't know much about the problem.

Who is this bag

这两个是一样的吗? Are these two the same?这两个不一样的吗? Aren't these two the same?

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