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没有语境不好确定!翻译方法很多:直译和意译均可! 1.It doesn't matter/count at all.(翻译不要拘泥于字对字) 2.It is quite easy to deal with.(翻译方法:正话反说,反话正说) 3.It is just a piece of cake. 4.It is absolutely/totally...

翻译如下 那是一个值得深思的问 This is a question worth thinking.

1.抱歉,我只会讲一点英语。 I am sorry. My English is limited. 2.抱歉,这句话我听不懂。 I am sorry. I cannot get it. (this)(这个要有上文,因为你是接着上一句说的,没有必要说this sentence.) 3.在生命最精彩的时刻 留下你美丽的瞬间! -...

这本身就是一个错误 This is a mistake in itself

No, not

这是一个相当不错的趋势 用英语怎么翻译!用高档词汇和句式!!! This is an amazing trend. This is a marvellous tendency This is a wonderful trend. This is an awesome trend. This is an excellent trend.

He came here in order to ask you a question

这两个是一样的吗? Are these two the same?这两个不一样的吗? Aren't these two the same?

With the development of economy, inevitably there would has many problems, and this is the one among them.

在英文中“什么意思”有以下说法: 1、What do you mean? 2、What does it mean? 3、What do you mean by "" ? 4、What's the meaning of it ? 5、What's that? 扩展资料: 1、你能从上下文猜出那词的意思吗? Can you guess the meaning of the...

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