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没有语境不好确定!翻译方法很多:直译和意译均可! 1.It doesn't matter/count at all.(翻译不要拘泥于字对字) 2.It is quite easy to deal with.(翻译方法:正话反说,反话正说) 3.It is just a piece of cake. 4.It is absolutely/totally...

第一个问题 The first question 举例: 我的第一个问题是你怎样认识他的? The first question I'd ask is how you knew him?

中文:我们就不再纠结这个问题了 英文:We are no longer entangled in this problem

No, not

这是一个错误 = This is a mistake 采纳哦

With the development of economy, inevitably there would has many problems, and this is the one among them.

这两个是一样的吗? Are these two the same?这两个不一样的吗? Aren't these two the same?

my english is no good ,can you speak chinese?

如果真的喜欢,年龄根本就不是问题 Age isn't a thing at all when you truly fall in love with someone.

Who is this bag

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