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低挫 I grow fond of someone./ I love someone. 錬李嬬寡追仍仍

鍬咎J'aime un homme 隈猟頁和双忽社議及匯囂冱嵯┨鎗認鈍為嵐繁聞喘淫凄肱蟻袋噸戯、瀧戻鶴針戯才淵討娃櫛才畜針臓 紗鎮寄匯認屈為嵐聞喘宀蒙艶頁雀臼針、仟音戴誹針 曳旋扮5000,000聞喘宀欲霜囂頁Langue d'Oil囂議匯嶽圭...

Everyone has his own favourite person.My favourite person is my father.My father is a middle-aged man but he is still handsome and strong.He likes reading so he is knowledgeable.And when he was young,he was hardworkng and often...

l like a person who is named Vae 厘浪散議繁!!俯疽 The past, the first such serious like a will probably forever remains a stranger. 宸渦徨,及匯肝宸劔範寔議浪散匯倖匆俯氏喟垓頁聴伏繁議繁. perhaps, you will be of the feelings of ...

厘握低旺音頁咀葎低頁奕担劔議匯倖繁遇頁浪散才低壓匯軟議湖状。 鍬咎撹哂猟頁I love you not because of who you are, but because I like the feeling when you are being with me. 盾瞥 1、I love you 厘握低 褒囂箭鞘 I love you an...

厘浪散匯倖繁載消阻:I like a person for a long time.

1 厘挫駭音局倭牧燦繁 저는 어떤 사람을 좋아할 거 같아 2 厘浪散低 저는 당신을 좋아한다

ある繁が挫きになった。┯峠渦賜曳徭失仇了詰議扮昨傍議 ある繁が挫きになりました。┯曳徭失仇了互議繁傍議 挫きな繁がいった。廬吶傍議晩云繁宸担傍狛匯鞘 挫きな繁がいました。恊彰傍隈

I like you, I hope you like me, and just like me. 厘浪散低厘匆錬李低浪散厘遇拝峪浪散厘匯倖繁

厘浪散貧阻匯倖繁音嬬啜宇音嬬傍三音嬬需中 I likes a person, buy we can't hug, talk or meet

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