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你好, I grow fond of someone./ I love someone. 希望能采纳,谢谢

翻译:J'aime un homme 法文是下列国家的第一语言:法国(六千七百万人使用,包括瓜德罗普岛、马提尼克岛和圣皮埃尔和密克隆) 加拿大(一千二百万使用者,特别是魁北克、新不伦瑞克) 比利时(5000,000使用者,瓦龙语是Langue d'Oil语的一种方...

我爱你并不是因为你是怎么样的一个人,而是喜欢和你在一起的感觉。 翻译成英文是:I love you not because of who you are, but because I like the feeling when you are being with me. 解释: 1、I love you 我爱你 双语例句: I love you an...

我喜欢一个人很久了:I like a person for a long time.

I like you, I hope you like me, and just like me. 我喜欢你,我也希望你喜欢我,而且只喜欢我一个人

My Favourie Person Miss Hou is my English teacher. Her English name is Jenny. She looks so weak that a strong wind may blow her away. She is not too tall, about 150cm. She is experiened of English teaching. She teaches me for t...

I like to stay alone quietly.

你是我喜欢的最后一个人,不会再有了,,, You are the last one I love.


I used to be love someone,now I‘d love to be alone

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