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May your birthday be a celebration of the life. Wish you all happiness, health and prosperity with many returns of the day. 愿你的生日是对生命的歌颂,祝健康快乐,事业蒸蒸日上。 I hasten to congratulate you on the coming of your...

Wish you a whole world of happiness now that your birthday is here. May your memories today be warm ones. May your dreams today be dear. May your joy last through the year. 愿你的生日充满无穷的快乐,愿你今天的回忆温馨,愿你今天...

Dear sister, happy birthday to you, I believe you will be happy in the future! 翻译 亲爱的妹妹,祝你生日快乐,我相信你会幸福快乐的在将来!!

深深呼吸一口新鲜空气,让烦恼全部随风而逝。这样的日子,鲜花为你绽放,笑容为你灿烂,亲爱的姐姐,请点亮烛光,听祝福的心跳在声声敲响。 一个平凡的日子因你而不平凡,一个普通的时刻因你而不普通,今天的世界因你更精彩,今夜的星空因你更灿...

Sister I wish you a happy birthday ah performance is getting better and better I hope you can happy every day 妹 祝你生日快乐啊 成绩越来越好 希望你能每一天快快乐乐的 ↖(^ω^)↗

What I'll give you as your best birthday present is acompanying you in the passing every beautiful day.Then I'll say "daring,happy birthday" to you.

Happy birthday. I hope today treats you well. 生日快乐,祝你今天过得愉快! Each birthday is a milestone we touch along life\'s way. May your birthday be happy in more ways than one. 每个生日都是我们人生之旅的一个里程碑,愿你的...

Best wishes to best you,happy birthday!honey~ 最好的祝福给最好的你,生日快乐!亲爱的~~

生日快乐:생일 축하해 你一直很漂亮,愿你以后更漂亮:넌 항상 예뻤고,그리고 더 예뻐지길 바래 最好是你先...

My grandfather's birthday greetings in English 给我外祖父的英语生日祝福语 Wish you happy birthday grandfather.

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