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同意楼上的 尤其是口语的时候 如果非要逐字翻译:Will you pay for this by cash or credit card? 求采纳

参考 I am a Chinese customer, want to buy your company's products, excuse me, your company have any agent or office in China?If you want to buy your products I should how to operate, thank you.

一种产品使用两种不同包装的方式. One kind of product uses two different packing ways. 希望可以帮到你 纯手写,望采纳

Wha product do you need in detail?

Please explicate the specification of your products.

Hi, is the shipping available for China? What will cost me if you can post to me by normal mail? 希望这表达了你的意思:-)

一种可能的翻译是: Could you tell me what is the level of our products, tier A, B, or C? 或: Could you tell me is our products high end, middle end, or low end?

bad quality products

Could you please help to take care of my luggage for a little while?

Each of your goods freight to $20 or so, I want to buy 3 things, please only once can postage?

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