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斌瞳沢泣 selling point 樫鷹燕 measurement charts 中創&垢簒 fabric&process 斌瞳婢幣 goods demonstration 斌瞳聾准 goods details 杭麗倬岑 shopping notice 瞳兎猟晒 brand culture

哂囂鍬咎債稈俳菻謹富方楚議恢瞳 How many products do you need? What's the quantity of products do you need?

歌深 I am a Chinese customer, want to buy your company's products, excuse me, your company have any agent or office in China?If you want to buy your products I should how to operate, thank you.

Hi, is the shipping available for China? What will cost me if you can post to me by normal mail? 錬李宸燕器阻低議吭房-

Do you have the company's product ?

この斌瞳は壓垂ありますか 壓垂嶄猟吭房佐羯

This product is only available in blue, is it OK for you? 音苧易議壅諒售李式扮寡追謹仍

宸峪頁恢瞳議竃皆勺音淫凄塰継萩御盆厘勣窟欺陳戦塰継勣総翌柴麻議。 This is only for the product's factory price exclusive of the transportation fee. Please let me know where it will be transported, and the transportation fe...

this type of product we don't have in store for now, and need time to rearrange for producing

how about the product in your side ? I am sorry to bring you so much trouble because I do not have much knowlege about the products If anything going on with the products ,pls inform me asap

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