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第二大题1.There is 2.There are 3.

愚蠢总归是愚蠢。 忘掉过去才可以继续前进。 先是一阵雨点,然后是倾盆大雨。 我想四处打探一下。 我们听说有人掉队了。 你要向总统直接汇报一下。

No matter where I am, you always rest my heart. Because I believe that you will be with me forever. The time flies by. I can hold your hand tight. There will be the end of our lifes. Please walk on all by yourself! 已检查,无语...

We have been together for half a year

1, childhood, the little boy was very poor, meal, rice is often not enough to eat, his mother gave his own bowl of rice distributed to the children to eat. Mother said, children who eat fast, I am hungry! - Caesar's mother,...

We could overcome any difficulties however big it is, as long as we stick together.

Nothing seems the same as it looks. Nothing is as simple as it seems. .

只有冷静下来才能有理智地分析 Only calm down can you make a wise analysis 爱一个人就是当听到关于他的不好的传闻时不要被愤怒蒙蔽了双眼从而使得做出冲动的行为 A true love for someone is that you can keep sober and never lose your mi...

social engagement社会参与 Youth International国际青年节 exchang外汇倾销 ESL 非母语英语,作为第二语言的英语(二外英语) ESL student我就不知道了 student学生

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