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“我很抱歉这么晚给你发邮件1英文翻译: I'm sorry to send you an email so late! 重点字词: 抱歉:sorry 这么:so;such;this;this way;like this 发邮件:send email;send emails 晚:late

i am in China now.i felt so sorry that i didn't reply for you because of the internet problem.The interview can be hold at any time.i wish it will be hold as soon as possible.

可以用被动语态“Your post has been received.” 也可以用主动语态“I have received your mail.” “I'll tell/inform you(let you know) immediately if it works/moves.”口语化 有进展还可以短语表示: make headway make progress get along get...

Hello Kevin! I'm Ding Ding. Now I'm sorry to reply to your email, I am very long time no see my mailbox, so can't timely return to you this mail, I won't forget our trip to Anhui, it was a good memory, those photos I see, thank...

I shuold have given a reply to your email, but I was busy preparing for a test in the next term. I am so sorry.

Hello Jane, 抱歉, 下面邮件的附图有误, 请忽略下面的邮件并以此封邮件的图档为准 谢谢 Hello Jane, I am sorry that there is mistake with the attached drawing in below email, please ignore it and refer to the attached drawing file in...

I'm very sorry that I did not read your email on time. I have already given you the payment via paypal. Can you please check if you recieved it or not? 在美国上大学 还有,下面那个是软件翻译的

I'm very busy recently, and didn't check the emails for a long time, so I didn't reply you in time, extremly sorry !

做外贸一段时间了,根据英国、美国等地方客人的来信中,一般用的比较多的有: Any questions please let me know. Any questions please feel free to contact me. Any questions please feel free to let me know. Any queries, please don't h...

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