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很抱歉因为出差没能及时回复您的信件 I am sorry that I was on a business try so that I cannot reply your email immediately

i am in China now.i felt so sorry that i didn't reply for you because of the internet problem.The interview can be hold at any time.i wish it will be hold as soon as possible.

很抱歉我直到现在才看到邮件.的翻译是:I apologized that It was not until now that I read the mail.

Very sorry for my late reply, hope it doesn't bring any trouble to your plan.

楼主好, I am sorry for not replying your e-mail in time as I was on a business trip. I am now in difficult times so that I am unable to make the payment. Let's talk about this later. 希望对你有帮助^^

our network and wireless network are broken those two days, so i am sorry that i cannot reply your mail in time. now the network works

第一段:hope应改为hoping,因为前面的句子已经是完整的句子了,应用现在分词作状语。 第二段:i am free 应用将来时,还未发生,还不确定,改为i will be free or i might be free. 第三段:1.convenice为名词,这里谓语为are,宾语应用形容词,所...

I'm very busy recently, and didn't check the emails for a long time, so I didn't reply you in time, extremly sorry !

I shuold have given a reply to your email, but I was busy preparing for a test in the next term. I am so sorry.

Hello Kevin! I'm Ding Ding. Now I'm sorry to reply to your email, I am very long time no see my mailbox, so can't timely return to you this mail, I won't forget our trip to Anhui, it was a good memory, those photos I see, thank...

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